The Roasting Coffee Path

Every type of green coffee sample comes into our Coffee Lab.
There, local coffee roasters and tasters have the opportunity to
try different manners of preparing the green sample and try new
coffee roast profiles to discover particular coffees' best point - as
a drip cup profile, espresso preparation, turkish type or other
custom-needed roast.
The Coffee Fruit and its Seeds - The Green side and the

The story told by a sip is misterious and longer when one looks
at its beginning and on - from the seed to the tree, from the tree
to the cherry, from the cherry to the green coffee bean ready to
be artfully roasted.
            All Guided Visits start at Point of Departure
          Make proper arrangement to be at Ruiz Coffee Shop on time
Choosing High-End Quality Coffee - Guided Visits

The Art of Tasting Coffee      

This is a unique experience in getting to know about tasting great
coffees. As First Gourmet Coffee Roasters from Panama, we are
devoting our time to learn more about the wonderful world of
great coffees.
Boquete Valley
Gourmet Coffee

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